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Systena Smart Attach All-in-One Solution

  • Introducing our All-in-One Smart Attach solution.
  • We strive to create a much easier world for people to live in, utilizing the LoRa gateway to further the endless possibilities of the Internet of Things.
  • We provide many automated solutions dealing with water/gas management, agriculture, parking and many more.

Smart Agriculture Solution using Drone Technology

  • Innovatively integrating drone and smart technology to monitor livestock in the advancing world of IoT.
  • Our sensors paired with our platform will allow farmers and people alike to easily and accurately gather data/information about their livestock without having to go onto the field.
  • Drone will be deployed over livestock where it will wirelessly receive data relayed from the sensors below. The received data will then be displayed on a dashboard for end user to observe the analytics.

Wireless M2M Solution

WiFi M2M Router

M2M Utilization Still Faces Challenges

While M2M is expected to be utilized in various fields along with popularized wide area cellular network and continuous technology development with short range wireless communication, it still faces a lot of unsolved issues.


An M2M Router with a Problem Solving Skills

SAI M2M Router provides secure service and confidence by resolving MSM issues with our original solution.

WiFi M2M Router

WiFi M2M Router

WiFi M2M Router

WiFi M2M Router

WiFi M2M Router

IOT Security_webshelter


Through the sales and introduction support of Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Office 365, public SaaS-based services, and our original service cloudstep, we offer consulting on our clients' internal communications and use private cloud computing to accomplish service development goals unachievable through public cloud computing.

Systena's proposed solution map

Using Google Apps as a key data container, Systena offers the cloudstep authentication system, Postini email archiving, Group Scheduler solution for management of schedules and facility reservations in an organization, Address Book, and Workflow software.



cloudstep is our cloud solution designed to upgrade our clients' businesses by using Google Apps and other SaaS-based groupware products.

Google Apps

Google Apps

Google Apps is an application package provided by Google that offers a range of tools for communication and collaboration. We offer Google Apps for Business, a product suited for corporate use.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft's hosting service, offers communication and collaboration tools. Office 365 is equipped with business-class security.


Abundant Results in Product Introduction

In 2009, Systena became a Google Apps Reseller Partner and has since gained orders from 300 new clients and obtained more than 50,000 users.The Systena Group has itself installed Google Apps, and can provide guidance for a variety of scenarios, from installation to support, such as drafting operation methods and utilizing policies that suit our clients' practical conditions.

Our own solutions, developed from customer requests

As a reseller of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, we have developed cloudstep based on numerous requests from clients. Planned and developed by a reseller that offers actual installation support, this expanded solution is equipped with high-standard operation abilities and functionality. It responds to clients' detailed requests by allowing individual development and customization based on the system.

An expert team

Our Cloud Business, consisting of technical and sales personnel, is a team of experts specializing in cloud computing and brings together abundant expertise. Notably, concerning Google Apps, all members are Google Apps Certified Sales Specialists and can thoroughly accommodate clients who wish to take greater advantage of Google Apps' features or of our cloud services.


By not regarding Google Apps' leading public cloud service as a standalone service, but instead combining it with our own original cloudstep service, Systena will make function and service enhancements to provide information business systems that go beyond conventional groupware. Systena will focus on linkage with smartphones and tablet-type terminals requisite to the fast and effective use of cloud services as well as planning and development of applications and service provision exclusively for mobile terminals.


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