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IoT Solution

What Is “IoT”?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. In this context, “Things” refers to devices that can be connected to a network, and by connecting to a network, the IoT can realize the following major points:

  • Know the status of remote objects with IoT
  • Control remote objects with IoT

We mainly provide systems using LoRaWAN as a means of connecting and communicating devices to a network to realize IoT solutions.

What is “LoRaWAN”?

It is a communication protocol with the advantages of low power consumption, long communication distance, high connectivity, and low communication cost.

  1. LoRaWAN supported sensors are low power consumption and long battery life of 5 to 10 years.
  2. LoRaWAN supported gateways can reach up to 15 km, so a single unit can cover a wide area.
  3. About 60,000 sensors can be connected to LoRaWAN supported gateway at the same time.
  4. Cost for LoRaWAN communication protocol is lower than others like 3G/LTE

AI Solution

MicroAI Atom

Deploy MicroAI directly onto your edge device or smart equipment and start generating real-time alerts when there are performance issues or security events Learn More…

MicroAI Helio Server

It is an edge AI-Enablement platform for intelligent management of
smart assets. Increase the performance, health, and security of IoT-enabled industrial and manufacturing equipment via installation of an on-premise Learn More…