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What is Canbus.?

”Canbus.” is a new all-in-one web database that integrates customer relationship management (CRM), attendance management, accounting, workflow, and file/project management into one. It also has a chat function associated with each record, which is expected to strengthen teamwork within departments.

What can you do with Canvas.?

Speedy Customer Management

  • By linking with related apps, you can centrally manage the history of activities and sales phases.
  • Reports can also be made from smartphones, allowing for timely information sharing on the go.
  • Not only can you check the progress, but you can also freely share your know-how.

Time and attendance management in organizations of all sizes

  • The system can be used regardless of the number of users, so there is no need for additional fees when adding new employees or managing the attendance of part-time and full-time employees.
  • Some customers start with small departments, and if they are able to successfully operate the system, they consider introducing it to the entire company.

Easy and Automatic Cloud Accounting

  • Canbus. can easily and automatically cloud-enable paper-based slip processing.
  • You can reflect the necessary information to multiple applications as and when required, such as automatically posting expense information that is in completed status in the expense application in Canbus. to the accounting application in Canbus.

Smooth Application Workflow

  • Streamline workflows and other application processes by using cloud computing.
  • The flow of the business process is visualized, and the progress can be seen at a glance.
  • It is also easy to customize and can be quickly adapted when departmental changes occur.

Safe and Secure File Sharing/Management

  • The access rights function allows you to set viewing rights for each user for safe and secure file management.
  • It is possible to search for past information as well, which facilitates smooth information sharing.

Visualizing Project Management

  • Track the progress of your project with status management.
  • Centralized reporting and unified format makes management simple.
  • Also, since it is pay-as-you-go rather than ID-based, you can use it without worrying about the number of members.

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Canbus. for Supply Chain Management

Remote-Hand -Remote Business Process Outsourcing Services-

What is Remote-Hand?:

This is a service to help you with your busy work remotely.
Leave the work that you can ask someone else to do to us, and focus yourself on the work that only you can do!
Our IT Experts support your works.

Here are some of the examples that we can support

    • Digitalization
      Digitization of voice and paper data that has been stored in recordings
    • Management support
      Reminds you of business tasks and adjusts response schedules on your behalf.
    • Efficiency enhancement
      Use VBA macros and Google Apps Script to eliminate manual work.
    • Organize data
      Aggregation and visualization of large amounts of output logs and purchaser surveys