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PoC Development for Startups/Japanese Companies

What is “PoC” Development?

PoC stands for “Proof of Concept”. It is the process of experimentally verifying whether or not a new technology, theory, principle, method, or idea is feasible and whether or not the desired effects and benefits can be obtained.

Why “PoC” is important for your business?

  1. Since PoC is done on a small scale and on a trial basis, the development risk of products and systems can be reduced.
    • Even on a small scale, it is possible to verify the stability of operation and usability of the actual product, to measure whether it is technically feasible, and to obtain feedback by having users and people in the field use it.
  2. Cost and man-hours can be reduced.
    • PoC is easy to determine whether it is feasible at an early stage and to consider subsequent development.
  3. PoC development can be done using Japanese/US resources.
    • Startups in the US can use Japanese resources to develop PoC. Of course, it is also possible for Japanese companies to use American resources for PoC development.
    • When considering business expansion in Japan and the U.S. after PoC development, being able to use resources in Japan and the U.S. during the PoC development stage will be an advantage for companies to expand their business.


Benefits of Offered PoC Development:

Provide Low-Cost Development
with Japan/Vietnam Resources

High Quality Development Support
by Japanese Managers

Create Reports for Head Office in Japan

Communicate with
Startup Companies in English

Software Development/Testing

Software Development

IoT Services
We will perform the development and testing required for your IoT integration. We will support everything from planning to design, from mobile application to embedded software development, to web services run on cloud.

Mobile Applcation Development
We can provide the mobile application for iOS/Android for your IoT Solution to easily visualize the data gathered in the cloud.

Cloud Web Services
We can provide you the web application according to your need so you can easily manage your data from your PC.

Software Testing

We will perform quality assurance tests on each application provided to ensure that each application will function correctly without any stress.