Case study

Machinery breakdown prediction and maintenance with MicroAI

Industry: Major US auto parts manufacturer

Management issue

Production line-down occurs any time the continuously running large machinery used to manufacture parts breaks down.  When this happens, it takes some time to be repaired and resume production.  This leads to poor production performance, and delays the production and delivery schedules, eating into profits and resulting in claims from the customer.

Service introduced

Micro AI solution

Micro AI installed in the factory’s heavy machinery forms an Edge AI, allowing AI monitoring and prediction of breakdowns.  Micro AI detects multiple factors within the machinery, such as vibration or frequency of operation, and forms a prediction of when a breakdown may occur.  By calculating backwards from the predicted breakdown, maintenance is performed, and sudden breakdowns are avoided.  Also, the utilization rate of the machinery could be visualized for finer management of the factory.


Thanks to the breakdown prediction and now-clear maintenance schedule, unexpected breakdowns have been prevented, allowing for an accurate schedule and elimination of delays.  Now that the maintenance schedule is known ahead of time, the maintenance efficiency is increased while reducing its cost.  Also, the production line was able to be optimized thanks to the visualization of the machinery utilization, allowing for increased production efficiency.

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