Case study

IoT/AI Solutions

Cultivation environment monitoring in foodstuffs factory

Industry: Foodstuffs manufacturing

Refrigerator temperature management and regular measurement

Industry: Major name supermarket

IoT monitoring focused on the

Corona era office

Industry: Systems Integrator

Reducing damage from natural disasters and helping during peaceful days with LoRa Smart City
Industry: Japanese public organizations (prefecture, city, town, village)

Machinery breakdown prediction and maintenance with MicroAI
Industry: Major US auto parts manufacturer

Logistics temperature management system
Industry: Logistics management

DX Solutions

Digital Transformation of supply chain operations for companies such as stores, manufacturing, and restaurants
Industry: Japanese/US companies’ supply chain

Introduction of paperless workflows for contracts and staff recruiting information
Industry: Law offices, US offices

Building renewed Web Site and EC Site
Industry: Japanese companies’ public economic interest organization

PoC development and verification of US startup technologies
Industry: Major Japanese automotive manufacturers, major insurance system integrators

Converting documents created by tablet apps(iOS, Android) to electronic files
Industry: Shipping industry

Specification adjustment with customer and local evaluation support
Industry: Japanese automotive equipment manufacturer

Offshore software development in Vietnam
Industry: Various software service providers

Support for Google an Apple certification tests in North America
Industry: Japanese equipment manufacturers

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