Case study

Refrigerator temperature management and regular measurement
Industry: Major name supermarket

Management issue

Standards developed for foodstuffs hygiene such as HACCP or FSMA have made it mandatory for all businesses engaged in production, processing, packaging, and storage of foodstuffs to submit reports on environment temperature.  Over the years the reporting requirements have become stricter.  Also, great damage to products can occur from degradation of refrigeration equipment over time, frost preventing complete closure, or human errors such as staff forgetting to close refrigerator doors.  Other inefficient practices, such as regular temperature readings being taken by hand on paper exist even today.


Service introduced

Refrigerator temperature management and regular measurement

An IoT Solution utilizing LoRa WAN transmission technology was introduced considering the refrigerator environment which can’t be reached by WiFi or cellular signals.  Even with thick walls, the sensor data can reach the Gateway via LoRa WAN transmission, allowing for 24/7 real-time monitoring and digitization of the environment.



As staff no longer need to take temperature recordings, handling cost was able to be cut.  Also, because incidents like abnormal temperatures due to electrical problems after business hours could be detected right away, loss due to wasted foodstuffs was reduced.  FDA reporting became streamlined because the temperature information was recorded digitally, greatly reducing management cost and risk.

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