Case study

Offshore software development in Vietnam

Industry: Various software service providers

Management issue

Until recently, software could be handled with one language and skill set, but current software development requires engineers who understand the entire process – for example from server setup to the client-side application.  Furthermore, the sharp rise in US software engineers’ salary makes it impossible to hire such highly qualified engineers.  Also, software development practices and quality standards vary greatly between US and Japan, so controlling US engineers is a challenge.

Service introduced

Offshore software development at Systena Vietnam

Our Vietnam branch’s development support was introduced as the center of the project, keeping development costs much lower compared to US engineers.  The structure included Systena America handling communication with the start-up and project management, while Systena Vietnam’s engineering team handled the actual development and evaluation work.  Systena Vietnam’s team includes permanently stationed Japanese development managers who can ensure a quality level on par with Japanese development standards.


The service could be developed at less than 1/5 the cost of software development in the US.  Since the team is familiar with Japanese software development practices and quality standards, there was no problem with the finished software’s quality.  Vietnam has lower development costs than India and is already involved with various Japanese companies making it an ideal offshore development partner in terms of cost and quality.

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