Case study

Digital Transformation of supply chain operations for companies such as stores, manufacturing, and restaurants

Industry: Japanese/US companies’ supply chain

Management issue

Products made in-house require interaction with many companies from manufacturing to delivery.  From raw material procurement to actual manufacturing and delivery to customers, many companies and staff are involved in the supply chain.  Each transaction may be handled uniquely through email, telephone, or paper-based PO/Invoices which are mailed or faxed.  The situation of high sales handling costs and human errors - such as delivery of incorrect quantities resulting in unnecessary increased costs - must be improved.

Service introduced

Canbus supply chain Digital Transformation application

Canbus – in use by 500 Japanese/US companies – has been packaged into an app which can be put to immediate use by supply chain companies.  Even without IT background, one can immediately start using it on a smartphone or PC.  Similar products are expensive due to per-user rates, but Canbus has an unlimited number of users, starting at $150/month covering all users.  It is equipped with a security function and an alert function to indicate where work is stagnant.  Past information is managed as data which contributes to reducing the need to store paper documents.


By performing all exchanges from raw material procurement to product delivery on the Canbus app, the sales handling cost is reduced, and the automatically generated PO/Invoice files greatly reduce human error.  Eliminating any paper-based transactions removes mailing costs and paper document storage space is no longer needed.  Many aspects of the supply chain see increased efficiency and cost reduction.

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