Case study

Building renewed Web Site and EC Site

Industry: Japanese companies’ public economic interest organization

Management issue

The organization’s website was built by a systems company 10 years ago and now the appearance feels outdated.  Also, a request must be made to the systems company each time to update the contents, preventing the organization from freely updating it.  Since the latest information about the organization’s activities is not shown, it gives the impression that the organization is not active.  The website needs to be renovated to help attract new companies into the organization.  Also, under the important precondition that organization members be able to update the contents, it needs to be made in a simple way so that even staff without IT knowledge can easily update the website.

Service introduced

Web Site and EC Site construction

There are many existing web site building services, so first an investigation was carried out to determine which was suitable.  After examining the monthly server costs, ease of updates, and quality of sample images, some services were chosen to form a base.  Since there are various members involved in the organization, a site composition and design which could satisfy the organization was decided with the opinions of key members.  Our company created materials referenced from other organizations and supported content application decisions to assist the organization’s creation of the new website’s content.


The design was updated to a more modern one.  Regular website updates pertaining to events and activities has increased the number of accesses dramatically.  As a result, the number of companies joining the organization increased.  Thanks to the creation of an operation manual in English and Japanese which allows even staff without IT knowledge to make updates, all website updates are now done by organization staff.  By utilizing the engineering of Japan and other Asian countries, we were able to complete the website renovation at a lower cost than other companies.

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